Re: [xml] Problem with Installation on AIX4.3.3

Joel_Vijayakumar baiada com au wrote:

     I have just started using Libxml2 on one of our many servers running
AIX4.3.3. I managed to compile, install and run libxml on one of our
servers without a hitch. However when trying to install it to our other
servers i have come upon several Errors. They are as following.

It is not able to find the iconv and m(ath) libraries. I would guess that
both of these are shared libraries, and that there is some incompatibility
in the setup of the two machines.

One possibility is that your executable assumes to find the shared libraries
in a location where they are not. To investigate this, list the dependencies
with (if I recall correctly)

  % dump -H your_executable_name_here

You can try to override this with the LIBPATH environment variable.

You can find further clues at:

(you may especially be interested in the LDR_CNTRL environment variable)

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