[xml] Yet Another Xml Editor

Hi, All!

Recently I was asked to give few lessons about XML, XPath, etc. and I found
that it's very difficult to prepare good slides with XML examples. After spending
few hours with Dia and www.google.com  I realised that it's more simple
to write something by myself. So I did :) If you are interested, you can
download it from here:
Yaxed can produce PNG images of XML documents that looks like these:
http://www.aleksey.com/yaxed/examples/example-01.png http://www.aleksey.com/yaxed/examples/example-02.png
Also you can execute XPath expressions and see the results immidiatelly.
Of course, it is not full featured XML editor and a lot of features are missing. But it helped me to prepare few dozens slides in a couple hours and it's enough for me :)
As usual, the code is distributed under MIT license. Enjoy :)


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