[xml] Would people be interested in a list dedicated to bindings

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   Hi Uwe,

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 06:08:09AM +0100, ufechner wrote:
Hallo gdome,

as some of you might remember, I wrote a delphi/kylix wrapper for
I wasn't satisfied with the result, as it had memory leaks and
the xpath support was missing (it was based on gdome 0.69).

So we deceided, to write a new dom2 wrapper from the scratch and
use libxml2 directly without gdome.
Because we do a similar thing as the gdome project, just in a
different language, it might be interesting to exchange some ideas.

   Okay, that's really the part of the message I would like
to comment on and ask for feedback:
    - libxml2 is getting into API freeze, and seems to have
      an increasing user-base
    - a number of effort are done to provide libxml2/libxslt
      access from different languages
    - there isn't much synchronization, and most of people are
      probably facing the same troubles like for example handling
      namespace parent properties when trying to provide DOM

  At that point I think a centralized archived list for all binding
related issues could help a lot porting to new environments and 
try to keep interfaces similar (the obvious goal being to simplify
maintainance, and alow people to switch language without having the
feeling they need to learn the library again). I also think that
most binding are likely to face the same troubles especially w.r.t
allocation policy and when using advanced tree handling routines.

  So basically this mail is a poll, if you would be interested in
subscribing in such a xml-bindings gnome org mailing list, then
send me a private mail. If I collect more than 10 answers I will
ask for the creation of this mailing-list and announce it.


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