Re: [xml] wchar_t interface for libxml2

I have done this a while ago. Several programs needed to create and read
simple configuration files in XML. These programs used wide character
strings internally, so I made a simple wrapper which converted all string
traffic between libxml and the application on the fly.

The functionality I needed for a simple configuration file is not vast, so
what the wrapper can do is not much either. All it can do is manipulate
nodes and their attributes through the DOM interface. Just the very basic
things, no XPath, no XSL, no callbacks, nothing. If this is enough for you
and you don't mind a C++ interface, I can give you the code.


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i'm searching for a wchar_t interface for libxml2. I would like to pass a
Unicode String (under Windows NT) as filename, without converting it into
ANSI first. This means i specially need a xmlParseFile clone. Has anyone
source code, which implements a wchar_t interface ? If not, can anyone
me a suggestion how to implement the needed functions by myself.

A. Roth

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