[xml] Announce: xml to C++ read/write classes

Hello All,

If anyone is interested, I have developed a small utility application
that accepts an xml file, and then generates a set of C++ classes that
have the capability to read/write the xml document given in the file.

It's pretty alpha, but it does work and generates good code.  It doesn't
cover the full xml vocabulary, but as a work in progress I will be
adding features and capabilities as I need them.

I also intend to add the ability to generate code from a DTD or
xml-schema document.  This will be added sometime in the future.

Source can be found here: http://family.cherrys.org/steven/projects.html

Comments, suggestions are always welcome.


== Steven M. Cherry                            smc cherrys org  ==
==                 http://family.cherrys.org/steven/index.html  ==

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