[xml] Re: xmlFreeStr

Have you tried to:
   1/ make wrapper around you own set of malloc/free/realloc/strdup functions
   2/ call xmlMemSetup() with those at the initialization of the
      libxml2 wrapper.

Can you try it and check it does not work ! If it does work then the
API extension is IMHO unnecessary.

I am trying it now; I still have some troubles (very likely based on a bug on my side), however I am quite 
sure that this IS the
way. I am really sorry that I didn't find this possibility myself :-( it looks so apparent now...


  wrong this would have to be xmlFree() ! It still unclear to me that
you really understood how libxml2 memory allocation handler really works.

yes I know, it was a just a mistake; however you are right that I have a gap in this area, filled a bit more 

Thanks a lot

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