RE: [xml] NAN problems on Win32

few reports of crashes of my program from various people.  Only the
version of my program has the crash handler that generates that log with
stack trace, so I cannot be sure that they had the exact same problem.
If I

The crash handler may very well be the problem.

The crash handler (installed on Win32 using SetUnhandledExceptionFilter) was
created in a recent release to generate logs when a crash occurs.  Prior to
that (when no exception filters were installed) the program would just exit.

trio_nan() uses infinity/infinity as its fallback solution to generate
You have installed a trap handler, and you are receiving an invalid

No.  If that were the case the problem would occur in xmlXPathInit() where
xmlXPathNAN is assigned.  Also, the compiled version uses the USE_IEEE_754
method (which assigns a hardcoded value).  

I'm pretty sure NAN has nothing to do with this, since it occurs in one
instance on the conversion from int to double.  Every instance that i know
the offending machine has been a Dell GX150.  I have some preliminary
numbers and the program runs fine on over 1100 unique machines, with 8
people experiencing problems, and 3 of them (the only hardware descriptions
I have) being that same Dell GX150.  I'm sure that there are more crashes
that I am not aware of however.

The only advise I have seen related to this has been a sketchy usenet post
advising against doing conversions directly in function calls, i.e. instead
xmlXPathNewFloat((double) nodeset->nodeNr)

to do a 
double d = (double) nodeset->nodeNr;

Seems stupid to me, but I will give it a try Monday when I get access to
their machine to see if this makes a difference.  Will let you know what I

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