[xml] corrupted man pages

Hi all,

I think libxml (from the latest rpms available at ftp.gnome.org) is installed incorrectly on my system (a 
server running redhat 7.2) but I can't figure out why. I've reinstalled it several times completely 
overwriting all the files but for some reason it just keeps creating corrupted man pages.

For example 'man libxml' or 'man xmllint' feeds back a bunch of crap
characters like:

Ez;xmllint.1mUn"9}WHICIVA"!2KV+]Vm2oMd qynvw&D~
6...^oJAP=H]....ac#8  `.qxZ>kQCG%=E7i-<=0P6Z6C8

Etc ...

Anybody have any clues? Other man pages work fine, so it's not man..

Shena Delian O'Brien

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