Re: [xml] CYGWIN compile problems

Thanks for the patch; it allows me to compile and install libxml2.
I have to define LIBXML_STATIC to link my application with libxml2.
has the same problem. The patch is necessary, but I question if the test
xmlversion.h) for __CYGWIN__ is a reasonable indicator for dynamic
BTW, should xmlversion.h be testing for _MSC_VER? Shouldn't MS compiles be
using xmlwin32version.h?

Yes, they should, it is just that we have places in libexslt which need
xmlversion.h to exist, even if it is a MS compile. My exams are hopefully
over in two weeks and than I should really sit down and clean these things

At the time being, xmlversion.h and xmlwin32version.h are identical on MS
compile. They were not before, but they evolved in that direction. Perhaps
one should be removed?


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