[xml] Re: Problem by Installation of gnome-xml library


the binaries you downloaded are made specifically for the native Windows
platform and are not the best solution in a Cygwin environment, which is
more Unix than Windows.

I have never tested if these binaries work at all on Cygwin. Even if they
do, you will have to tweak something to use them. In addition to that, I am
not sure if Cygwin's GCC can at all use import libraries which are made for
Microsoft's C compiler.

Your best bet, and perhaps the only way, is to grab the source, compile and
install libxml2 yourself. When doing this in Cygwin environment, follow the
installation instructions for Unix, rather than those for Windows.


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Subject: Problem by Installation of gnome-xml library


I want to build a new Kannel GW exe.
Therefor I need Gnome Xml library (error message: "You MUST have the
gnome-xml library installed")

I downloaded "libxml binaries <libxml2-2.4.12.win32.zip>, version 2.4.12
Windows, IA32" and
"iconv binaries <iconv-1.7.win32.zip>, version 1.7 for Windows, IA32".

Afterwards I added "C:\libxml2-2.4.12\lib;C:\iconv-1.7\lib" in the PATH

Then I started again the compiler (in a Cygwin Shell) to get a Kannel GW
exe. But the above mentioned error occurs again.

What shall I do?
Who can help?


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