[xml] trionan.c and libxml2-2.4.12.tar.gz

We were very happy working with  libxml2-2.3.13.

However, we have encountered a problem, most likely ours.  However, we decided it would be
best to upgrade to  libxml2-2.4.12 before pursuing it further.   Unfortunately, I am encountering
many difficulties getting 2.4.12 to work.  I have upgraded many times in the past.  2.3.13 was
very easy.  Here are some of the things that I encountered.

We are using the Watcom compiler on QNX.

1) Makefile.in  is missing trionan as follows:

    < @WITH_TRIO_SOURCES_TRUE@   catalog.c globals.c threads.c strio.c trio.c trionan.c
    > @WITH_TRIO_SOURCES_TRUE@   catalog.c globals.c threads.c strio.c trio.c
    < @WITH_TRIO_SOURCES_TRUE strio lo trio.lo trionan.lo
    > @WITH_TRIO_SOURCES_TRUE strio lo trio.lo

Apparently QNX needs trio support.  It appears that sometime since 2.3.13 trio.c
was split into  trio.c and trionan.c.  Is it possible that Makefile.in was not
modified to include trionan.c ?

I can not link anything unless I add trionan.c and trionan.lo to Makefile.in as
shown in the above diff.

Am I way off base ?

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