Re: Re[8]: [xml] bug with created attribute nodes?

On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 12:26:46PM +0300, Alexander Grimalovsky wrote:
 But since xmlSetProp() doesn't handle entities by itself, what will

  it does xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant() and then 
  xmlStringGetNodeList(). I think it used to just call xmlStringGetNodeList()
a long time ago but the escaping was requested, and was added at the time.
Now you're asking for the opposite behaviour. Tell me how long it gonna take
before someone ask it to be reverted back if I change this !

be correct way of setting attribute value with handling embedded
entities? Should it be something like xmlNodeSetContentLen() ?

 no, prop->children = xmlStringGetNodeList(node->doc, buffer);

 No, i don't use Perl for myself, it was just an example, posted in a
forum as response for my question. However same example with libxml2
v2.4.19 produces same output.

  Well that simply mean Perl bindings don't use xmlSetProp() directly,

 No, I don't want to go so far, i just want to be sure that authors of
PHP bindings will be able to implement proper bindings for your
library. For now i get almost all necessary information to be able to
point them on it.

  If you want to replicate Perl bindings behaviour, get the code and
reuse the same processing. that's the simplest I think.


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