Re: [xml] how to recognize Chinese?

  Apparently not a bug. The submitter didn't read the document on encoding.
I finally got the full example, the DTD and document are encoded in 
encoding="gb2312" which means that "Ãû×Ö" is NOT the UTF-8 name for that
element and the XPointer query cannot work due to this mismatch.


On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 08:06:53PM -0800, Aleksey Sanin wrote:
As I wrote your before, please give *more* information: the exact error 
printed out,
small files that demonstrate you problem, etc. You current question 
looks like: "something
somewhere does not work, go and fix it!"


P.S. And I hope Daniel will not read your message before first cup of 
coffee :)

lxl0621 vip sina com wrote:

when i signatured a xml file containing DTD file,it will fail if the DTD file contains Chinese . So I 
consider that the signature cannot recognise a Chinese DTD file so that the signature cannot process the 
Chinese xml file.For example: 
<!ELEMENT books (#PCDATA|Ãû×Ö|writer> 
<!ELEMENT writer (#PCDATA)> 
I asked for help .How to process DTD including Chinese word. 
Can you help me resolve this problem? Please answer me as possible as quickly .Thank you 


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