[xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.29

  Yup another release hit the servers:
    ftp://xmlsoft.org/  and Gnome FTP mirrors

 Main changes are the addition of a new API set closely based on
the C#/ECMA-334 XmlTextReader interface, allowing to scan an XML document
in a forward only way but in (near) constant memory size [*], and the
revamping of the API XML description generation (involving some C parser
in python :-\) so that I can provide better description of the API and
in a more reliable way. Igor also generated quite a few commits for the
Windows ports. Full set of change is:

* Windows fixes (Igor): Windows CE port, pthread linking, python bindings
  (Stéphane Bidoul), Mingw (Magnus Henoch), and export list updates
* Fix for prev in python bindings (ERDI Gergo)
* Fix for entities handling (Marcus Clarke)
* Refactored the XML and HTML dumps to a single code path, fixed XHTML1 dump
* Fix for URI parsing when handling URNs with fragment identifiers
* Fix for HTTP URL escaping problem
* added an TextXmlReader (C#) like API (work in progress)
* Rewrote the API in XML generation script, includes a C parser and saves
  more informations needed for C# bindings


[*] this should be a better interface than the old SAX one to handle 
    document which won't fit in memory and also help the people doing
    alternative System.Xml .Net implementations. Relying on a well publicized
    API should avoid the troubles that people new to XML have with SAX.

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