[xml] Adding an entity in a textnode

Hello everyone.
I'm basically working on a PHP project but as php uses libxml, I guess here
is the place to get a solution to my problem. 
Unfotunately I don't know where my "problem" is generated so I can only
describe the
symtoms in the hope that any of you can hopefully help me out.

I'm building up a xmldoc from scratch. Then I create a text node with the
following content: "german umlaut ü". When I then dumpmem the whole thing,
the result lookes like "german umlaut ü".
The whole project is intended for generating html files in the end (after an
additional processing via sxlt). So a textnode containing an entity would be
perfectely ok.
Is there a way that I can prevent this replacement of & with & in the
My current workaround for this delemma looks something like:
ereg_replace ( "&", "&", result_from_dump_mem() );
As you might guess, this is very unefficient.

I would be very thankfull for any note that would point me toward a solution
or otherwise
clear out where this comes from and why it is the way it is.

Christoph Riedl

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