Re: [xml] Extracting multiple XML fragments of the same type

Hi Daniel!

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  No idea, run it under a debugger, put a breakpoint in xmlDocCopyNode
and see what's happening ! You have the context, I don't, so please report.

That's what I did. Here's what I noticed:

In line 3018 (right before the "return(ret);" statement) in function
"xmlStaticCopyNode()" everthing is correct. However, when I try to access
(print out the value of) ret in "xmlDocCopyNode()" I get a message "No
symbol ret in current context". Is that because "xmlStaticCopyNode()" is
declared "static" while xmlDocCopyNode() isn't? So, it seems to me that

ret = xmlStaticCopyNode(node, doc, NULL, recursive);

in xmlDocCopyNode() actually works, but the value of "ret" is
(unfortunately) inaccessible to me, so I can not check it.

Hope that this information is at least of some help. I'm sorry that I
could not provide more details.

BTW, I executed the following commands in gdb:

1. set a breakpoint at xmlDocCopyNode("b xmlDocCopyNode")
2. advanced to next statement("n")
3. stepped into xmlStaticCopyNode("s")
4. advanced until line 3018, using the next cmd, printing out values of
"ret" in between 



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