Re: [xml] sharing

Hi Luca, All,

If you go through the archives, there were some clusters of discussion 
about such internal changes. It was mostly agreed that they have to wait 
for libxml3. As I carelessly was rather big-mouthed about new features for 
libxml3, Daniel even already proposed letting me and interested parties 
start libxml3 development in parallel. But for some months I'll be too 
short on time to start this.

Your intented changes should IMHO be subsumed under a general change to 
"plugable" tree implementations. It is good for usecases consisting mostly 
of readonly access, but for more general usecases it may be wise to not go 
that way.

If I'm missing something, and the shared string feature can really be 
easily implemented without breaking everything and the kitchen sink, do not 
hesitate to give us the patches for review.

Best Regards,
Peter Jacobi

From:                   Luca Padovani <lpadovan CS UniBO IT>
To:                     "xml gnome org" <xml gnome org>
Subject:                Re: [xml] sharing
Date sent:              Wed, 14 Aug 2002 12:50:23 +0200 (CEST)

  And when you take a subpart of a document and prune it in another one ?
Doesn't work, big bad mess ...

well, you have to traverse the whole subtree anyway to update (at
least) the doc pointers.... importing the node names into the new document
is a matter of two lines of code.

You don't seem to be keen on this anyway, so I won't insist. I was just
trying to figure out ways to save up some memory.


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