RE: [xml] libxml as DLL?

Ho there,

I see that the win32 directory uses the command-line compiler to
pre-process libxml2.def.src into a .def file.  I suppose we can try
using a .def file, but this is not necessary for the other libraries
we build.

I'll see what we can accomplish by using the .def file.

You will acomplish exactly what we acomplished, namely export a function
or two. 

I assume you are building libxml using your own project files. In that
case, just preprocess the .def.src file, and include the output in the
project. This approach is necessary in libxml for a number of reasons. 

The best fix for all related problems would be if Microsoft and other
vendors would add a command-line switch to their compiler/linker that
would export all non-static symbols automatically.


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