Re: 'RE: [xml] xmlHash problem"'

tis 2002-08-13 klockan 13.09 skrev Daniel Veillard:

There is an api function, to get the length of a hash. But there isn't any,
get an hash entry by index.

  use the sanner function, you get a callback for each entry in the hash table
it's part of the API since day 1:
    typedef void (*xmlHashScannerFull)(void *payload, void *data,
                                 const xmlChar *name, const xmlChar *name2,
                                const xmlChar *name3);

  void                    xmlHashScan     (xmlHashTablePtr table,
                                           xmlHashScanner f, void *data);

I had no idea that this functionality was implemented.
xmlHashForEach might be a more natural name for this function?


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