'RE: [xml] xmlHash problem"'

I need this function, to get access the named-node-map of
entities and the
of the notations by index, and not by name.

  I don't understand the function you need, please be explicit by giving
a written description of that C entry point and what you expect from it,
I can hardly reverse analyze 50 lines of Pascal code to try to understand
what it was supposed to do.

Hello Daniel,

I try to explain it in other words:

Usually we access a hash, using a name to find the data (e.g. the name of an
attribute, an entity or a notation.

That is possible with the libxml2 api.

But sometimes I need a way to access the content of a hash by a numerical

So that I can loop (from i:=0 to hash.length do begin ... end) through all
entries of a hash.

There is an api function, to get the length of a hash. But there isn't any,
get an hash entry by index.

That's what my pascal function is doing: Walking from hash enty to hash
entry and
returning the i-th entry.

Do you see a way of doing that, using the current api functions only?



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