Re: [xml] XInclude and Namespaces

  Yep, the href is an URI-Reference, and hence should be context insensitive
there is a special construct xmlns(s=....)#xpointer(/s:slideset...) in recent
XPointer drafts to map the s prefix to the URI for the namespace, see
this should work in libxml2, if not it's a bug :-)
I did not check the latest set of XPointer drafts, I expect the construct to
still be there.


On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 03:08:01PM +0200, Christian Stocker wrote:

played with the XInclude Support in libxml and it seems to work very fine,
except when my xpath-expression has namespaces... the xml:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<root xmlns:xi="";

produces with  xmllint --xinclude xinclude.xml just:
Error Undefined namespace prefix

XInclude: XPointer evaluation failed: #xpointer(/s:slideset/s:slide[1]/*)
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<root xmlns:xi="";


Did i something wrong, or how can I declare that namespace correctly?



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