[xml] messy xmlTextChild output format

I am working on Windows BorlandC++ and Solaris Forte. And I am trying to generate a xml file by DOM API.
This is a snippet of my code:
    pXmlTableNode = xmlNewChild(  pXmlRootNode, NULL, "Table", NULL );
    pXmlAttr = xmlSetProp( pXmlTableNode, "TblName", "cmClients" );
    pXmlNode = xmlNewTextChild(  pXmlTableNode, NULL, "clientId", "12" );
    pXmlNode = xmlNewChild(  pXmlTableNode, NULL, "providerNumber", "262162" );
    xmlSaveFormatFile( "test.xml",  pXmlDoc, 4);
and the following is the part of xml file which is generated from this codes.
  <Table TblName="cmClients">

And I use the same code to run on UNIX(Solaris), the xml file is more beautiful which is just what I want:
  <Table TblName="cmClients">
So I think I must have missed some kind of setting on Windows, what is it, how to set??
Thank you very much in advance

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