[xml] List valid values upon enumeration failure?

I've been debugging a DTD and XML file for my netperf4 work and was
getting error messages like:

netperf_config.xml:118: validity error: Value "Tran" for attribute units
on throughput is not among the enumerated set

I have seen where that message is generated in valid.c - does anyone
else think that displaying the valid enumerated values would be of value
here? If so I may take a stab at a patch. It does look a triffle ugly -
having to build-up a string by walking the tree again:

    /* Validity Constraint: Enumeration */
    if (attrDecl->atype == XML_ATTRIBUTE_ENUMERATION) {
        xmlEnumerationPtr tree = attrDecl->tree;
        while (tree != NULL) {
            if (xmlStrEqual(tree->name, value)) break;
            tree = tree->next;
        if (tree == NULL) {
       "Value \"%s\" for attribute %s on %s is not among the enumerated
                   value, attr->name, elem->name);
            ret = 0;

I don't think it would be apropriate to build the list as the tree is
walked the first time - that would be optimizing for an error case.

Also, shouldn't that be "...for attribute %s of element %s..." (of
replacing on)? _That_ patch would be easy :)

rick jones
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