[xml] Problem building libxml-python on VC++ 6


I have been compiling and using libxml on a VC++ 6 environments for a
while now, and it is great.

I now have a need to use python for some of our XML work and have
attempted to build the libxml-python interface (using thre source
release 2.4.19).  Initially I was getting unresolved reference errors
during the link stage for all of the libxml functions.  After fiddling
with the LIBS setting in the setup.py script I have gotten rid of the
errors except those dealing with memory allocation.

Specifically, I get 4 unrsolved references for libxml.obj:

I'm sure this is a stupid mistake as I am a newbee at building open
source stuff.

Any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated (including whether or
not this was the write place to ask this type of question .. I did try
to find the answer in the other recommended places first.)

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