Re: [xml] Compile problem with LibXML 2.4.5

Manuel Barros wrote:

Metrowerk Codewarrior for the Macintosh:
I also get the following compile errors, can you give me a sense of what

Error   : number is out of range
trionan.c line 140   static CONST double internalEndianMagic =
I solved this problem by turning off trio in one of the header files.

I do not quite understand this. Trionan.c is included into xpath.c and
thus compiled as part of xpath.c. Does your xpath.c compile without

What happens if you compile trionan.c with the STANDALONE macro defined?
(I am not familiar with your compiler, but with most Unix C compilers,
this is done with "cc -DSTANDALONE trionan.c -o trionan"). If it compiles
nicely, what output does the resulting executable produce? If it does not
compile nicely, could you try commenting out the line that says

# define USE_IEEE_754

and try again?

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