[xml] Userdata filling

Bonjour Daniel,

we have some trouble implementing our apache mod_xslt. We would like to
print out the errors during parsing and transformation to the clients.

1. We are in apache process space
2. We are multithreaded
3. we don't like to reimplement the xmlParseFile xmlSaxParseFile
   functions (don't like to reinvent wheels)
4. We want to have error callbacks which implements the error
   formating/printing and sending. We need our own context
   (e.g. apache request context), which we probably could deliver via
   the userdata filled in the parser context.
5. The userdata context could not be set using the xmlParseFile
5. xmlGenericErrorContext is not available, because it's not in a
   specific context, it's a global var, so it is not thread save.
   We need thread specific.

Possible solutions:
1. xmlSAXParseFile as wrapper which retrieve an additional userdata
(void) pointer. This data could be linked to the parser context.
The error callbacks retrieve already the parser ctx.

2. xmlSetGenericErrorFunc will be rewritten to be thread safe in
parser context instead of using a global var.
or alternatively: putting a callback into the parameterlist of the
parseFile functions.

We already know that you don't like to change the api in most cases.
But maybe wrapping these things and adding some more functions is a
possible solution in this case.

BTW: If you need more info you get it this time :)

Marco Stipek
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