RE: [xml] Building on Solaris 2.6

We had the same problem at the end of last week.  

Albert Chin was kind enough to respond to us as follows on the libtool
mailing list:

Only plausible solution is setting LDFLAGS before ./configure or using
--with-zlib. BTW, libxml is not the only app where you'll run into
this problem. You should also look into LD_RUN_PATH. We build libxml:
  LDFLAGS="-R[zlib path]/lib" ./configure --with-zlib=[zlib path]

albert chin 

The problem is that gcc "finds" libz in the configure script because
/usr/local/lib is in gcc's default search path, but then Sun's linker
(which libtool uses) can't find it.  The solution is either to specify
the location of zlib as above or to use Sun's C compiler (if you have
it), i.e. CC=cc; ./configure - Sun's C compiler won't find zlib the same
way that gcc will.  


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The libxml INSTALL doc says that it will use libz only if it's found.  I
guess it found the header files for zlib, but /usr/local/lib is not
compiled into gcc on that system?  (Is that a broken configuration?)

Thanks for the help.

Bill Moseley

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