Re: [xml] Building on Solaris 2.6

At 09:34 AM 09/25/01 +0200, Heiko Rupp wrote:
Bill Moseley wrote:
ld: fatal: library -lz: not found

Yes it is. Try to fiddle around with

 --with-zlib[=DIR]       use libz in DIR

Ah, ok.  That fixed it.  These are the issues I need to document clearly in
our INSTALL doc.  

Not entirely intuitive for us beginners: I first tried 


But I needed


The libxml INSTALL doc says that it will use libz only if it's found.  I
guess it found the header files for zlib, but /usr/local/lib is not
compiled into gcc on that system?  (Is that a broken configuration?)

Thanks for the help.

Bill Moseley
mailto:moseley hank org

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