Re[2]: [xml] xmlDocDumpMemory problem under Windows

Hello Gary,

Thanks for your very valuable hint! And sorry for my fault not specify
the needed information.

The problem can be solved by using xmlFree(). The only reason I didn't
use xmlFree is the doc says:

xmlFreeFunc ()
void        (*xmlFreeFunc)                  (void*);
extern xmlFreeFunc xmlFree;
So I didn't try.

BTW: the libxml2 I use under windows is 2.4.4.

Monday, September 17, 2001, 5:21:00 PM, you wrote:

GP> What is this, the memory debug mailing list?

GP> You don't say which version of libxml, but since the problem is only
GP> manifested on Windows I'll take a guess that the problem is related to
GP> the fact that you should use xmlFree not free. I know that on Unixen,
GP> the xmlFree function just maps directly to free, I've no idea what
GP> happens on Windows but it may not be so straightforward (for instance
GP> HeapAlloc/HeapFree may be used).


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