Re: [xml] Memory trouble with libxml.

  What about reading the doc ?

I did read that section, but it was not clear to me that I needed to call
xmlCleanupParser, since I had not parsed anything, I had simply built a
tree from scratch. Furthermore, calling that function at the end of
building my tree does not in fact fix the memory leak that I am seeing. If
I place a loop around the main section of the code the memory usage grows
for every loop, which indicates that it is not the parsers static
structures that are leaking.

Daniel, not very happy to have to repeat over and over and over the same
        stuff written clearly in the documentation.

It is obviously not clearly written if I read that section, and did not
understand that this was required when parsing _and_ when building a tree
from scratch. Good documentation is more elusive than you think, as human
language is extremely flexible. Furthermore, that does not fix the problem
I am seeing. I understand your frustration. Please try to understand mine.

This is the resource that the web pages indicated to ask questions on. I
searched the archives for an answer to this question without luck. I read
through the documentation without success. If I thought my question would
get a RTFM response, I would not have asked, as I already have done so,
and it is insulting to be accused of not. If you are tired of answering
the same questions over and over, then why not add them to the FAQ, and
when somebody asks give them the link to the FAQ. But please try to do so
without the RTFM response, as it really turns newbies off, and doesn't
help with the adoption of this fine software.


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