RE: [xml] A few Windows specific issues

Hi Daniel.

I am hopelessly overburdened at the moment, I haven't even seen these
bug reports :-) I will give it an hour or two during the weekend. I
guess I'll have a patch for you by monday.

Other than that, more work is needed at the moment, such as iconv and
pthreads support under Win32. Iconv compiles out of the box. Pthreads
implementation I would use is available at Hope I'll have libxml2
running with these by the end of the next week.

My suggestion is to get a Windows path converter to convert
Windows filename to valid URI or URI-References and have it
plugged in a couple of critical places in libxml to avoid
such problem for good.

Reasonable. I'll try to handle it during the weekend and produce few
functions which do the conversion. Should questions arise, you will be
torn from your bed in the middle of the night :-)


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