Re: [xml] Problems register memory callback routines via xmlMemSetup()

"Henke, Markus" wrote:

Expression: _CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData)

_free_dbg_lk(void * 0x007c5fa8, int 1) line 1044 + 48 bytes

I'm using libxml2-2.4.2 (some reasons for havn't updating yet...) on Win2K,
MS-VC++ 6.0,
testProg and libxml2 are both compiled against the "debug multithreaded DLL"
C- runtime.

I am just a Unixhead who occasionally ports my code to Windows, so
don't take my reply as authorative in any way.

If we ignore "real" memory problems, this type of error typically
shows up when we accidentially link debug and release code. Have
you checked that both testProg and all of libxml2 has been compiled
as debug code?

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