[xml] How to get pointer on attribute list?


it's me again.
I wonder how i can get a pointer to the first attribut of a xmlNode.
What i've found so far is that i can use 

  xmlChar* xmlGetProp(xmlNodePtr node, const xmlChar *name)

to get the value of an attribute by Name resp.

  xmlAttrPtr xmlHasProp(xmlNodePtr node, const xmlChar *name)

to get a pointer to an attribute by Name.
I'm looking for a way to parse the whole attribut list (in case i havn't the
attribute names
and parse without using a DTD).
I've also noticed the field

  struct _xmlAttr *properties; /* properties list */

of the struct 


but it's marked as non-common in the docs.
So, how can i access the attribute list in a regular way?

Thanx in advance!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke

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