[xml] Questions about configuring libxml2

Hello all,

first of all i've to admit that i'm quite ignorant about the techniques of
automatic configuration,
so these questions may sound curious to some of you.
Anyway, i've to handle with several platforms and i'm constrained to use
on some of them, so i wonder:

- is somewhere some kind of overview available which of the options in
  i've can/have to "#define" on which platform?

- on which platform i've to enable the trio-support?

- is it possible (usefull, necessary) to leave options "#undef"-ined and
  disable trio-support on special platforms?

- is there a shortcut to configure libxml2 for a pure ANSI-C environment?

Well, i know that's pretty much, but any help will be appreciate!

Thanx in advance & Ciao

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Henke

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