RE: [xml] Questions about libxml as a DLL on win32.


Did you compile and run my sample program ?  It demonstrates my point
pretty well.

No, I do not have time.  I can only tell you that your explanation is

Note, also that this problem can often be a silent one.  Your app might
not crash due to memory problems, but does it leak?  Have you watched
your memory traces to verify that everything is released properly, and
your memory useage actually goes down?

There are no memory leaks.  libxml2 has an extremely powerful mem debug
that, when enabled, can track every xmlMalloc() made.  You can can a summary
function that will show every call to xmlMalloc that wasn't xmlFree'ed.  

I can tell you that using libxml2 to process through 100,000 lines of
database i/o in the life of the program not a byte of memory is leaked.

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