Re: [xml] Questions about libxml as a DLL on win32.

Did you compile and run my sample program ?  It demonstrates my point
pretty well.

Note, also that this problem can often be a silent one.  Your app might
not crash due to memory problems, but does it leak?  Have you watched
your memory traces to verify that everything is released properly, and that
your memory useage actually goes down?


Now, I can't show you where this rule is in official MS documentation,
I had to find it out myself by trial and error.  But as far as running
on NT and win2k, the results are always consistent.

If you see the same things that I'm seeing, then my proposal is to add
a flag to the libxml build process that indicates when the win32 DLL is
being created.  When this is the case, we should make xmlFree() a regular
function instead of a function pointer.  This will allow memory to be
created inside the libxml dll, and then free'd correctly with the same
call to xmlFree() as everyone else uses.

This is absolutely not true.  I use libxml2 and libxslt/libexslt.  Each is
compiled into their own dll.  The program using hte libxml2 library consists
of 1 exe and 3 .dlls all linked dynamically to libxml2.dll.  Nearly every
libxml function returns an allocated object.  xmlFree() works fine on these
returned strings within my program.

I suggest you investigate your behavior as a build issue (are you importing
the xmlFree pointer correctly?), or a borland issue, but it is defintely not
a win32 issue.

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