Re: [xml] Questions about libxml as a DLL on win32.


Very interesting.  To my knowledge, I'm linking against the Non-debug
multithread DLL C runtime for my app.  I'll double check that now to
make sure.  Do you know of the top of your head what linkage the standard
libxml win32 DLL is created with ?

I got the binary from the standard place:

And he mentions linking against the non-debug version of the library.
He doesn't say anything about threaded or non-threaded version.  Do you
know which one it is?

Libxml is from the above URL is linked dynamically against MSVCRT.DLL, which does
not contain debugging information and is thread-safe. It is not necessary to
mention this explicitly, because a thread-unsafe C-runtime DLL does not exist.
Another C runtime, LIBC.LIB, which is not thread-safe, is only available for
static linking.


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