Re: [xml] Questions about libxml as a DLL on win32.

Very interesting.  To my knowledge, I'm linking against the Non-debug
multithread DLL C runtime for my app.  I'll double check that now to 
make sure.  Do you know of the top of your head what linkage the standard
libxml win32 DLL is created with ?  

I got the binary from the standard place:

And he mentions linking against the non-debug version of the library.
He doesn't say anything about threaded or non-threaded version.  Do you
know which one it is?


The issue you're describing isn't 100% accurate (atleast from my
experience).  I've heard about these types of boundaries, but if you set
things up correctly, they become a non-issue.

The main problem arrises when the DLL uses a difference set of run-time
libraries than the executable.  Then memory gets allocated one way, then
deallocated another.  For instance, if your DLL is linked to the C Runtime
statically, but the EXE is linked dynamically, these sorts of problems show
up.  However, if all projects are linked the same way (ie. all are using
Multithread DLL and/or Debug Multithread DLL) and all projects have the same
byte alignment, then the problem disappears.

Atleast, this is the evidence that I've witnessed in my own developments.
I've successfully linked libxml as a DLL to my applications without problems
by following these guidelines.


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