Re: [xml] How do I read German Umlaute - entities from an XML-File using libxml?

At 01:11 PM 10/05/01 -0400, Daniel Veillard wrote:
 No, UTF8Toisolat1 will convert everything it can. It may stop:
    - and return -2 if there is a conversion error, inlen and outlen
      return values allows you to process the way you like the next 
      UTF8 char and continue.

Ok, that helps.  Thanks.

So what I need is a way to then skip over the UTF-8 characters, and
continue the Latin-1 convertion.  I'm looking at the docs: 

So I should be able to pass the string to xmlUTF8Strlen() to get the length
of the UTF-8 character, skip that many bytes, and pass it back to
UTF8Toisolat1 to continue processing.  Sound right?

Would that be helpful to anyone else?

  For some maybe, and would make it useless for everybody else.

Aren't all features that way? ;)

I wasn't talking about changing UTF8Toisolat1(), of course.

Bill Moseley
mailto:moseley hank org

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