RE: [xml] When to call xmlInitParser() ?

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 >> when i use libxml in a scenario where two or more different
 >> parserContext are created during the runtime of the 
calling programm,
 >> have i to call xmlInitParser() only once or for each 
 >I'm just wondering if my question is either too thumb or 
too tough to
 >take note of!?  If first option fits, please forgive my 
ignorance and
 >answer anyhow, i'll confess my shame if i should have hit 
on it on my
 >own...  8)

Sorry about that, sometimes we're all a bit busy :)

To answer your question: you should only call xmlInitParser() once.

However, it doesn't hurt to call it multiple times (unless 
you are running
in a multi-threaded environment, which you don't :), it guards itself
against that.


Wow, that was fast! And exact the answer that i want to hear   8)
(cause i've implemented it that way, just suspecting that it's correct).

Thanx & Ciao, Markus

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