[xml] very reproducible core dump in trio functions

I looked in the bug list and did not immediately see anything written
up on this problem.   

I encountered the following core dump while running regression tests
on  libxml2-2.3.8 with xmlDoValidityCheckingDefaultValue  is set to true.

The input test document does not have a <!DOCTYPE root_element_name .... >
statement and looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Therefore, I would expect libxml to generate a message about this.

But instead, it coredumps.

The problem is very reproducible on our OS which is QNX.

As you can see, as I step through the code 
  1) it fails to find the <!DOCTYPE ....  > statement.
  2) It then attempts to issue a error by calling     
                          xmlGenericError( xmlGenericErrorContext,
         which calls vfprintf

  Several layers deeper in the trio it core dumps.

The stack is trashed, so the only way
I can show you anything is to step through it with the debugger
and collect stack and variable data.  Hopefully, I have given
you enough to reproduce the problem.  If you can not reproduce
the problem, then I must assume that it has something to do with
the way I build libxml on QNX.  But since everything else works
so well, I am inclinded to think that this is a real problem.

Attached is the stack and variable data I collected with the WATCOM
debugger.   It is sort of a histogram, with the final stack trace near
the bottom.

I was hoping to actully solve the problem, but I have no desire to
mess in the trio code.   My first thought was that there was a mismatch
between the arg list and the %s %d in the message, but that seems
to match.

Stanley J. Boehm, Senior Software Engineer
Center for Industrial Technology
Sunnyvale, CA  94085-2810

Phone:  (408) 617-2483                  E-mail:  Stan Boehm philips com      
FAX  :     (408) 617-7711

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