Re: [xml] DTD Mania

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 05:40:29PM -0400, David Allen wrote:

A few questions about DTDs in documents parsed via

- What's the difference between the internal subset and the external
  subset?  Just doing some simple checks, it seems doc->intSubset is
  always non-null and doc->extSubset is always NULL.  Then again, I'm
  only working with documents that either have <!DOCTYPE foobar SYSTEM
  "somedtd.dtd"> and <!DOCTYPE foobar PUBLIC "blah" "baz.dtd">

   Definition of internal and extrnal subset are in the XML specification
   read the code in entity.c to see use of both when available.

- Say I'm dealing with "baz.xml" and "foobar.dtd".  I encounter the
  "blargens" tag, how can I look into the DTD structure to get a list
  of tags which are valid children of "blargens"?  I'm not looking at
  rewriting the validation, but getting a list of what's valid in
  certain contexts for creating XML documents from nothing according
  to the rules of validity.

   This is defined in the valid.c module:
     xmlValidGetValidElements ()


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