Re: [xml] Possible "buggette"

Hi Daniel,

("Maybe I'm totally misled as I didn't check the source yet" still applies)
  The problem is that at this point the parser context is a public
structure (one could consider this bad design, but making it opaque
makes some specific handling nearly impossible). 

Yes, but this is IMHO the most worrying point. So ctxt should only point 
to this structure, and reuse sometimes for a user provided ctxt doesn't 
work always. So the user provided context should be put in the parser 
context structure, behind the fields which cannot be changed for 

Changing this and doing
this split is a huge change which would lead to an API and ABI
incompatible version. So I'm not fond of it even if in principle it may be
a good idea.

I will look more deeply into all this in quiter times. Perhaps there is a 
compatible solution. And there's always the possibilty of libxml3....

Peter Jacobi

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