Re: [xml] Possible "buggette"

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 10:49:48AM +0200, Peter Jacobi wrote:
Hi Daniel; All,

I may be wrong here, due to my lack of understanding of 
libxml internals, but isn't this related to some problems with 
the ctxt pointer in SAX parsing, which were discussed short 
time ago?

  Well ... maybe yes. But I don't remember this discussion.

Is this a common symptem of the ctxt pointer serving double duty:
- used internally by libxml
- used for user provided callbacks

  The problem is that the callbacks may need access to the internal
informations (what entity is being parsed, what's the node name ...).

Can there be a general solution by splitting this functionality into two ctxt 
pointer? To make this minimally painfull, I assume ctxt should always 
point to a "system context" (or derived structs) and the "system context" 
holds the pointer to the "user context".

  The problem is that at this point the parser context is a public
structure (one could consider this bad design, but making it opaque
makes some specific handling nearly impossible). Changing this and doing
this split is a huge change which would lead to an API and ABI incompatible
version. So I'm not fond of it even if in principle it may be a good idea.


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