[xml] Error in XPath processing

About a week ago we posted a problem to the xslt mailing list (from which we have, so far, gotten no response), but we have now confirmed that the problem is actually within the XPath processing in the XML library.
Using the "built-in" testfile in the testXPath program, the problem can be easily demonstrated.  Given the XPath _expression_
we are expecting as output the title nodes from the 4 chapters.  However, the result produced is only the first title node, i.e.
[root infobase1 libxml2-2.3.5]# ./testXPath "chapter[*]/title[1]"
Object is a Node Set :
Set contains 1 nodes:
1  ELEMENT title
Any help to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Bill Brack
ABC QuickSilver

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