[xml] error on install

Hello all,
    I have had a very hard time trying to search for an answer to this question. I have downloaded the latest version of the libxml (libxml2-2.3.5-1.i386.rpm) and placed it in my /tmp directory. I am running Red Hat 7.0, and every time i try to install libxml, it gives me this error:
rpm --install libxml2-2.3.5-1.i386.rpm
error: failed dependences
    libhistory.so.3        is needed by libxml2-2.3.5-1
    libncurses.so.4      is needed by libxml2-2.3.5-1
    libreadline.so.3      is needed by libxml2-2.3.5-1
I got this error before, and i checked if there wasn't another version of this program installed and sure enough RedHat 7 comes with libxml-1.8.9-5....
I am wondering if there is any solution to this, i am trying to get a version of libxml so that i can use kannel. Kannel is a free open source WAP and SMS gateway that you can get at http://www.kannel.org and i need the latest version of libxml to run this. Please help!
Terrance Snyder

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