Re: [xml] encoding problem

Which version of libxml do you have ?


I didn't install libxml and I don't know exactly the version I'm using

In the doc, I found this Information :

CVS only : check the Changelog file for a really accurate description
Item floating around but not actively worked on, get in touch with me if you want to test those

  a.. Implementing XSLT, this is done as a separate C library on top of libxml called libxslt, not released 
yet but available from CVS 
  b.. Finishing up XPointer and XInclude 
  c.. (seeems working but delayed from release) parsing/import of Docbook SGML docs 
2.2.11: Jan 4 2000
  a.. bunch of bug fixes (memory I/O, xpath, ftp/http, ...) 
  b.. added htmlHandleOmittedElem() 
  c.. Applied Bjorn Reese's IPV6 first patch 
  d.. Applied Paul D. Smith patches for validation of XInclude results 
  e.. added XPointer xmlns() new scheme support 
If you know where to look for, I could search and answer you more precisely

Bernard Valton

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