Re: [xml] Patches to 2.3.4

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 02:07:34PM -0600, xml thewrittenword com wrote:

The problem is that error.c uses vsnprintf with NO #ifdef wrapper.
And, if someone doesn't have snprintf, they definitely don't have

  Right, that clearly had to be fixed !

  If you try to circumvent it the way you suggest then all your
binaries ends up having that duplicated code which should be shared
in the libc.
  Last but not least if there is a bug in this code there is no
simple way to fix it, you need checking and fixes on all the

  So on theoretical grounds I'm inclined to not add the patch.
Practically this may be better to have all platforms reuse those
800 lines of code than having #ifdef #else #endif scattered around
the places where I need snprintf and vsnfprintf.

  I will need to think a bit more about it, feedback welcome.

Makes sense. How about the patch below?

  Fine, applied, I assume it fixes the compilation problem on SGI and
Solaris, right ?


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