RE: [xml] Any one has a makefile for xmllint on Win32 platform pl ease help

Here, this could prove useful.

xmllint.c was not prepared to compile under VC++ for various reasons, the
biggest of which being the fact that Microsoft's C runtime does not have a
'gettimeofday' function. I have attached a modified xmllint.c which contins
an own implementation of 'gettimeofday' when being compiled against MS C

I also attached a new VC++ project file which causes xinclude.c and list.c
to be compiled along with the rest.

You first have to compile libxml using this project file, then compile
xmllint from the command line using the following statement from the command

  cl /D"WIN32" /I"include" /MD 
     win32/libxml2/debug_a/libxml2.lib xmllint.c
Have fun

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I just can't make xmlKeepBlanksDefault work (2.3.3,2.3.4). Really want to
use xmllint to test the library. TIA

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