Re: [xml] Simultaneous use of libxml and libxml2

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 12:31:57PM -0400, John E. Joganic wrote:
As Gnome relies on libxml and most of the code that I write uses xml2,
there is an obvious need to run both simultaneously.  The use of
xml2-config definitely helps in this regard.  I discovered however that
xml2 will install its include files to ${includedir}/libxml which more
often than not overwrites the original libxml header files.

  This is wrong. If your libxml1 headers are stored in /usr/include/libxml
it is an error. It is not the default behaviour.

   libxml1 include goes in $prefix/include/gnome-xml
   libxml2 include goes in $prefix/include/libxml

  this is the rule, I won't accept patches to change this default because
this is gonna turn into a maintenance nightmare.

    sorry, fix your "original libxml" headers location,


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